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Fleshjack Boys - The Visconti Triplets

Posted on January 29, 2009, under Gay, News.

Fleshjack Boys - The Visconti Triplets

ILF is preparing the new surprise for gay customers. Get ready for Visconti triplets - fleshjack gay models with their brand sex toys. Very soon Fleshjack is going to release totally new products line - Fleshjack Boys. It will be the sex toys molded from butt, mouth and cock of Visconti Triplets. I watched a video with these guys and I can’t hardly wait to grab totally new Visconti-molded Butt Fleshjack. Do you know who the Visconti Triplets are? If you think they are Italian you’re wrong! They are Hungarian first triplets in the gay industry!

Fleshjack Boys  sex toys

Joey, Jason and Jimmy are 19 years old and they were born in Budapest. They looks very similar with the same measurements - 6′1″ tall and 8″ cock. Their personalities are way different. Jimmy is the youngest and he loves extreme sports. When he isn’t flying on a half-pipe with a skateboard, for sure he is ruling on the mountains with a snowboard! Jason, the middle child of the triplets is also the loudest and the most muscular of the whole three. He is working out on a gym and he loves riding his motorcycle. Jason’s dream is to became a diesel mechanic. Joey is the oldest, and he is very shy. His hobby is Pilates and dance. Joey is the most quiet, and the most sexually inexperienced of the bunch. I can’t wait to have a possibility to enjoy them with new FleshJack Boys sex toys.

Ice Jack - transparent gay fleshlight

Posted on October 4, 2008, under Gay.

gay fleshlight Ice Jack

When you think that your old friend - Jackass is not giving you excitement anymore, it’s time for essential change. If you can’t switch your partner, switch your FleshJack! Order a delightful transparent Ice Jack. The Ice Jackass Fleshlight was created specially for gay. If you’re interested in these kind of fun, I can assure, it will give you the sensations that you have never felt and seen. You can put your juicy cock inside the tight canal of the Ice Jackass and watch all the penetration as you have never seen it before. Fleshlight’s same super soft patented Real Feel™ SuperSkin™ gel is used in this masturbation sleeve. Ice Jack is clear for enhanced visual stimulation, gives all the same pleasure as the original pink jackass. Ice version gives you the same hot pleasure connected with a fantastic point of view during your masturbation. This Jack with transparent SuperSkin allows you to see your every move inside and outside. You can be a witness of your own final orgasm! The clear version is available in several inner textures. The Ice version of Gay Fleshlight comes complete with a transparent (clear) masturbation sleeve and ice clear case.

Gay Fleshlight

Ice Jack is made from Fleshlight’s same super-soft, patented SuperSkin™ masturbation sleeve - it feels exactly like regular gay fleshlight. With one significant difference - it’s colored clear to enhance your visual stimulation, keeps all the same pleasure as the original pink. Every Ice Jack comes standard with the Ice Clear Case.

Ice Jack - Most Desirable Gay Device Ever Made

Posted on July 17, 2008, under Gay.

The Ice Jack Fleshlight is destined for gay users and it gives the sensation that no other gay device can provide. Using Ice Jack you can see all the masturbation as you have never experienced. These sensations are available thanks to the transparent ice Fleshlight sleeve. It’s made from the same soft patented RealFeel SuperSkin™ insert used in Ice Fleshlights - it’s clearness provides enhanced visual stimulation and gives all the same pleasure as the usual JackAss. Every Ice Jack includes the completely transparent ice Fleshlight Case.

Slip into the tight canal of the Ice Jack Fleshlight and see penetration as you have never seen before. Our same super soft patented Real Feel™ gel insert is colorless to provide fantastic visual stimulation that no other available FlashJack could give you. Ice version gives the same sexual sensations as the jackass with original pink sleeve. Look like FleshJack’s model Tommy D is using his favorite Ice Jackass:

Fleshjack - The Best Gay’s Friend

Posted on July 7, 2008, under Gay.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

I’m an advanced Fleshjack user and I know that the intensity of suction is the most important. Fleshlight have produced a fantastic Fleshjack especially for people like us. It’s made from famous SuperSkin material, well known from other product of this company. Fleshjack sleeve can be quickly heated by holding under warm water before inserting it into the fleshlight case. This heating operation will enlarge your sexual feeling… very clever. My goal was to try all the available fleshjacks and tell you about my feelings. I can assure you, that every FleshJack gives fantastic experience, because it was designed directly for gay men by a gay engineer. He predicted everything what makes this product special and unique. FleshJack looks like a normal masturbation sleeve with a very realistic gay mouth or tiny gay butt entries. Within each Super Skin insert there are available three different varieties: speed bump, super ribbed and wonder wave. Every of these options gives you an another level of sensation. Everyone who order a FleshJack from official site gets a free black case with extremely soft interior.

I’ve tested three types of FleshJacks : All-American Jack, Classic Jack Ass, Endurance Jack. All of them are available on official site and you can order them any time you want. The delivery is very fast and without any troubles.