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Complete Fleshlight Guide

Posted on March 9, 2011, under Fleshlight Sleeves, News.

We would like to introduce absolutely new Fleshlight review website. You can find there lot’s of Fleshlight sex toys reviews, news, list of discounts and much more… So don’t wait and enter:

Fleshlight turbo tube sleeve - Now 20 % discounted!

Posted on October 28, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves, special offers.

The death of the turbo tube fleshlight is coming, so get ready for the next discount from You can get this fantastic sleeve over 20% discounted. This is limited time offer so you have to be hurry, the quantity of this discounted Fleshlight masturbation sleeves is restricted. This is the final chance to purchase Turbo Tube Fleshlight sleeve. What is Turbo Tube? It’s a one of the new generation Fleshlight sleeves designed to provide the high level of sensation. Turbo Tube Fleshlight texture was created with both vertical and horizontal ribbons for maximum twisting and thrusting stimulation. This texture will get you a warp speed orgasm. That’s the last chance to experience this revolutionary Fleshlight® texture. Don’t waste your time and order Turbo tube sleeve now, because tomorrow it could be too late. With this one time offer, you’re able to buy Turbo Tube fleshlight sleeve separately in three different colors - Pink, Mocha and Ice (clear). Normally this sleeve was available only in pink color, so don’t waste this offer. From now you can get this sleeve at revolutionary price of $31.95 , that’s 20 % cheaper that any other sleeves. If you’re looking for intensive texture at reasonable price, order it clicking any banner.

Growthflex - Your penis pump

Posted on October 4, 2008, under Fleshlight Accessories, Fleshlight Sleeves.

Growthflex penis pump

Do you think that your penis is a bit small? Fleshlight has produced a fantastic sex device. There’s no better way to enlarge it than Fleshlight’s new Growthflex - Penis Pump. From now you can make your soldier bigger without any chemicals, drugs, gels - so you don’t have to poison yourself to have a fantastic sex with your partner. The GrowthFlex works on the exact way as anabolic weight training, like on the gym. If you want to get a bigger chest, you’re making push ups; If you want to get a bigger penis, you do the Growrhflex pumping.

Growthflex - Your penis pump

Everybody knows how the big cock is important. Every girl dreams about a man with a huge gun. Now the Growthflex can give it to you, only if you decide to train regularly. An easily adjustable suction forces you to push your penis to the maximum capacity by stretching, lengthening and expanding the erectile fibers. I can assure you that Growthflex is really easy to use and what’s more important - it’s 100% safe. When you train regularly, your predictable results will be finally available. Your discipline and desire are the only limits of the size of your dick. So don’t waste your time for chemicals and get your penis a personal gym, ordering the Growthflex penis pump.

Buy Vortex fleshlight in whole new types.

Posted on September 29, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves, Fleshlight Types.

Last time I was reviewing a Vortex fleshlight sleeve as soon as it was appeared. There were available only two types of it - Ice mouth and Pink lady. Now the enlarged their offer and there are available 8 different types - all 4 orifices in both pink and ice (clear) material.

You can buy fleshlight vortex sleeve with following entries:

I wrote you already that if you want to buy fleshlight for a pro, the best choice will be The Vortex Fleshlight Sleeve because it provides very intensive pleasure. It has been designed in a totally new way - the spiral stair type texture, four chambers with diameter differences. These chambers with changing diameter gives you new suction feeling effect which is incredibly outstanding. When I put my penis into this new sleeve, for the first time, I knew it is the best sleeve ever produced. So if you’re looking for something intensive - you have to buy Vortex Fleshlight Sleeve immediately. You have to remember that the vortex is available without Fleshlight Case, so if you want to buy any, just click here. Generally speaking The Vortex Sleeve is the most intense fleshlight texture so far. If you buy fleshlight with Vortex Sleeve, you won’t be disappointed, I can assure you that!

The Vortex - New Fleshlight Sleeve on the matket

Posted on September 1, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves, Fleshlight Types.

The Time has come. has got an honor to present the latest revolution in Fleshlight Sleeves technology. This week Fleshlight inc. has released a brand new sleeve - The Vortex.

VORTEX Fleshlight

Vortex Fleshlight Sleeve is a brand new sleeve construction way. Vortex insert texture is a connection of revolutionary project and newest casting technology. This is the first texture of a new super sleeves class that provides completely new sensations. Vortex is not only a stimulating texture but it also contains the revolutionary differences in canal diameter. This new Fleshlight sleeve with four spiraled chambers of new Vortex will give you an incredibly fantastic pleasure. This insert was designed to satisfy you with a mesmerizing combination of suction, texture and an unprecedented squeeze as you pass through every each variety of diameters. Vortex has been already ranked as one of Fleshlight’s most pleasurable inserts. If you are new Fleshlight user or experienced lover of Fleshlight sensations, you have to remember that this new sleeve will tremble all your desires, that it can’t be forgotten…

For now the Vortex is available in two types - Ice Mouth and Pink Lady. More options will be available soon:
Vortex Fleshlight Sleeve

Pull up your speed with Speed Bump Sleeve

Posted on August 4, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves.

Speed Bump is fantastic sleeve with multitude of soft massaging beads that can put down on your cock lots of pleasure as you’re going fast forward through the tight canal. Speed Bump is an incredible sensation that every man must experience at some point of his lifetime. Take the advantage with speed bump masturbation sleeve today and leave all the rest behind! I can fully recommend you this sleeve as one of the best insert for challenging users (besides STU).

Speed bump sleeve is available in three fantastic colors - pink lady, mocha (coffee) and perfectly transparent - clear.

Speed Bump gives you an incredible sensations. It’s intense level is 4/5.

Turbo Tube Fleshlight - The New Experience

Posted on July 27, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves.

Turbo Tube Fleshlight Sleeve is one of the new generation Fleshlight sleeves designed to give you the highest level of sensation. The future of masturbation has arrived! Designed with both vertical and horizontal ribbons to maximize twisting and turning stimulation, the Turbo Tube will satisfy you at the warp speed. Be the first to experience this revolutionary new Fleshlight® texture. Turbo Tube is available as a single sleeve, so you don’t have to buy whole fleshlight to get it. You can order Turbo Tube Fleshlight by clicking a banner, it will transfer you straight to a proper place on the Fleshlight official site. This masturbation sleeve is one of the most intense texture ever created. I can fully recommend you this sensational sleeve. That’s how it looks like:

Length: 10 inches
Diameter of canal: 3/4 inch
Diameter: 4 inches to 2.5 inches

Available in Mocha, Clear and Pink

Wonder Wave Fleshlight - How It’s Like?

Posted on July 18, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

Wonder Wave is my favorite sleeve. Its canal contains lots of ridges which are spaced approximately a half inch apart. Those ridges gives pretty good sensations especially when using a lube. The Wonder Wave Fleshlight is made in three colors: pink, mocha and clear. It is also available with any of the orifices: Lady, butt, mouth and stealth for anonymous users. The Wonder Wave was made to imitate the real woman’s vagina interior. This sleeve gives you sensations comparing only with a real pussy. That’s how Wonder Wave sleeve looks like:

Fleshlight Sleeve is the most important

Posted on July 17, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

Masturbation sleeve is the most important part of the fleshlight. From the type of sleeve depends the intensity of your sensations. Sleeve keeps full contact with your penis all the time, so you should turn more attention to your sleeve’s choice. Here we present the most popular sleeves that are available on site. Remember that only Fleshlight® labeled sleeves gives a true feeling of real pussy. They are so realistic, because of Fleshlight patented material and its secret ingredients. It’s called SuperSkin and was designed to provide the true feeling of a woman’s vagina.

Original Masturbation Sleeve

Original Masturbation Sleeve is dedicated for new users. Fleshlight’s best selling masturbation sleeve - the Original - offers a smooth, little wider 3/4 inch tube. Its length is 10 inches with diameters of 4 inches to 2.5 inches. It will give you plenty of long term fun.

Super Tight Masturbation Sleeve

This sleeve gives a smooth a bit tightened 1/2″ (13 mm) canal created for men that loves a tighter pussy sleeve without texture. Outside diameters and length are standarded.

Ultra Tight Masturbation Sleeve

This sleeve gives an ultra tight untextured pleasure. Ultra Tight sleeve has got 1/4″ (10 mm) diameter canal created for men who prefer the tightest sleeve available on market. Rest of diameters are the same. This sleeve will blow your mind!

Wonder Wave Masturbation Sleeve

The Wonder Wave contains a plenty of special textured waves along the whole length of the canal. Those waves will give you amazing sensations, during your fleshlight sex. This sleeve provides a fantastic orgasms and new masturbation experience. The canal diameter is 1/2 inch. Rest od diameters are standarded to fleshlight case.

Turbo Tube Masturbation Sleeve

This Turbo Tube Sleeve is the future of masturbation Fleshlights® sleeves. Its design with vertical and horizontal ribbons will maximize your penis stimulation. Turbo Tube is a revolutionary new insert texture that was created using new digital technology of casting construction. This sleeve really kicks ass.