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Incredibly Hot Official Fleshlight Videos p.2

Posted on September 5, 2008, under Videos.

We’ve got an honor to present you the next part of the best promotional videos served from official Fleshlight site. Today we’ve prepared two brilliant clips - Kristi Video and Julia Video.

Official Fleshlight Kristi Video:
Fleshlight Videos

Katpher Rating: 2/5

The first video is promoting the Ice Fleshlights. For me it is one of the weakest Fleshlight clips I’ve ever saw. I rated it only for 2/5 in the Katpher Rating scale. This Clip is about cute boy’s dreams during Ice Fleshlight sex. He is dreaming about the Fleshlight model called Kristi. While having fleshlight fun, he imagines that his sex toy is a Kristie’s hot pussy. Generally speaking the purpose of this clip is to show that there’re no differences between Fleshlight and a real pussy….of course there aren’t any - I can assure you that. Trust me… I checked it by myself :)

Official Fleshlight Julia Video:
Fleshlight Video

Katpher Rating: 5/5

This is the hottest clip in all Fleshlight Videos I ever saw. This video is promoting Fleshlights with butt orifices. On this clip Julia brings her boyfriend a fleshlight with mocha butt entry. He has to test it, to feel the difference between Julia’s sweet ass and the Fleshlight. The effect is surprising because the guy prefers to cum inside the sex toy than in the real Julia’s ass. This clip deserves for full rate of 5/5 in the Katpher Rating scale. I think Fleshlight should produce more clips like this.

Incredibly Hot Official Fleshlight Videos

Posted on August 7, 2008, under Videos.

We’ve got an honor to present you the best promotional videos served from official Fleshlight site.

Official Fleshlight Eva Angelina Video:

Katpher Rating: 4/5

This is one of the best fleshlight clips ever made. It was created to promote fleshlight mouth orifices. Main star in this short but essential clip is Eve Angelina, she’s one of the hottest fleshlight girls. Plot isn’t complicated - Eva with her girlfriend has got an idea to give eva’s boyfriend a present of mouth fleshlight. He can’t see the difference between real and fake mouth…ahh…I can’t describe it, you have to watch. As you know, Eva Angelina is a worldwide pornstar, she has appeared on thousands of internet porn galleries and plenty of porn movies.

Official Fleshlight Anna Video:

Katpher Rating: 5/5

Oh Yeah! I love Anna , for me she is one of the most beautiful fleshlight models. Unfortunately she hasn’t got her personal fleshlight so far but I think she deserves it. When I saw this clip I started looking for more of her scenes in the internet. Anna is a lucky girl - she’s the youngest of all fleshlight girls. In this clip Anna and her girlfriend are discovering a hot fleshlight pussy which probably belongs to one of their boyfriends. The hot play is starting. They are using a Mocha Original Lady Fleshlight as a fantastic sensational stimulator…wow…incredible clip, you have to watch it.

More clips’ reviews will appear shortly.

Raven Riley Fleshlight video

Posted on July 5, 2008, under Videos.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

I’ve just found this video on youtube :D