Stoya Fleshlight

Posted on June 22, 2010, under Girls, News.

Stoya Fleshlight

ILF the fleshlight producer, lately has released new sex toy - Stoya Fleshlight - will be available on site from 23th June 2010. keeps all the info in secret till the release date. Stoya Fleshlight will be the next addition to Fleshlight Girls Family. Probably you wonder, who the hell is Stoya ?!?!? Here’s the short answer - Stoya is a young Porn Starlet from North Carolina. She was born 15th June 1986 in Wilmington. Stoya is a bad daughter of Scottish Mother and Serbian Father. She inherited Nickame from her last name, shortened version generally of Serbian surname - Stoyanovic. When she was young, she wanted to be a dancer shortly after that she started attending dance lessons at the age of three. After school Stoya started looking for jobs in Philadelphia - she was a secretary, flier distributor, and a go-go dancer. Stoya appeared in several music videos for bands. And then her porn career started to grow up - In October 2007, Digital Playground signed her to an exclusive, three-year contract - she started a new life. Now she became a new Fleshlight Girl with her own Sex Toy - Stoya Fleshlight.

Stoya Fleshlight sleeve

What this new sex toy will have to offer? Stoya Fleshlight will be available with Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve - patented texture that imitates 100% real intercourse sensations. New Stoya Fleshlight Will be also available with totally new sleeve, Soon we will know the answer. Stoya Fleshlight has got Butt Entry just like Jenna Haze and Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight. So probably Stoya will feature Forbidden Sleeve as well. It will be available also the Swallow Sleeve with Stoya mouth look and totally now texture salle Distroya Fleshlight Sleeve. hmmm Distroya fleshlight sleeve is brand new insert from ILF - it will blow your dick off…If you watched Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge with Stoya and you wish to fuck her - now is your chance - order Stoya Fleshlight now!

Distroya Fleshlight sleeve