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Fleshlight discounts for naughty Valentine’s Day!

Posted on January 25, 2009, under special offers.

Valentine's Day Fleshlight

Valentine’s Day is getting closer, so get ready for the latest fleshlight discount. On you’ll find absolutely fantastic, specially selected discounts. Fleshlight inc. gives you a great opportunity to create your own naughty Valentine’s Day 2009. You can make a fantastic pleasure for your boyfriend or girlfriend the way they deserve. Believe me, your partner will be positively surprised with your naughty approach. This fleshlight discount is one of a kind. What is the best about this special offer for 2009 Valentine’s Day is that the package you will get, contains gifts for both of you. You can choose from different options on fleshlight website to match your wildest expectations. I can assure you it will make your partner fully satisfied with the gift from site. Buying the special Valentine’s Day Gift Package you have a chance to choose from 2 various options - Lite or Pro. Both selections will help you to save 20% or even 30% - it depends which offer you will choose. Let’s take a closer look at these options to help you choose which package fits you the best.

Valentines Day Lite Package

The first option is the Valentines Day Lite offer. This fleshlight package allows you to save 20%. It can be yours for only $84.95, so don’t waste your time for unnecessary searchings and order Fleshlight Valentine’s Day Lite Package now, when it’s not too late. You can create a custom set from following Fleshlight products:

create your own naughty valentines day

Every Valentine’s Day package contains 3 high-quality Fleshlight labeled products. You decide which items will your package contain. To order one of discounted sets you have to pass through 3 steps to customize your Valentine’s Day package. Each step gives you a possibility to you pick a single product from the list of various items available on Fleshlight official site.

Valentines Day Pro Package

The second available option is the Valentine’s Day Pro offer. It gives you better, 30% discount. This whole gift set can be yours for only $114.95. So don’t waste your time looking after an ideal Valentine’s gift and order this naughty discounted package now. Look at those fleshlight sex toys multitude, as you see you have a really big choice. You can create your personal package from following Fleshlight products:

naughty valentines day fleshlight

Remember that the best way to make your 2009 Valentine’s Day so special is buying one of these exclusive edition Fleshlight packages. If you’re looking for a little more fun for you and your sex partner those limited packages will make you fully satisfied at reasonable price. This is the perfect gift for both men and women to spice up the bedroom sensations and to introduce the Fleshlight to your lover. When you’ll be decided to order your Valentine’s Day Fleshlight package you will receive a kinky fleshlight gift absolutely free!

fleshlight valentines day

Fleshlight Coupon Codes for all Mocha products

Posted on November 30, 2008, under special offers.

Mocha Fleshlight Coupon Codes

Mocha takes a Vacation, so if you’re interested in nice discounts on all Mocha Fleshlights, you’ll find here the 100% accurate coupon code. Be smart and save some cash on fleshlights mocha products and use this Coupon Code. You can order lots of discounted sex toys, fleshlight accessories - all in mocha color - directly form official site. You’ll be able there to use this Mocha Coupon Code during order to get a lots of items with special discounts. All you have to do is paste code “MOCHA5″ in a proper place inside the last step of ordering process. If you do it correctly you’ll get a $5 on every mocha product from site. I checked this code by myself ordering a Mocha Lady Original Fleshlight and it worked properly, so you don’t have to be afraid using this code.

Just type “MOCHA5″ in a special box during order mocha products

Fleshlight Coupon Codes

Christmas Fleshlight Discount - Merry X-Mass!

Posted on November 4, 2008, under News, special offers.

Christmas Fleshlight

HO HO HO ! Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere in the air? X-mass are getting closer. The Christmas shopping fever had began. Every shop, no matter what kind, has already prepared the Christmas offer, with all these Santa-styled and Christmas-tree decorations. Sometimes these candy-cute stuff gets a bit annoying, but that’s the world we’re living in. So there’s nothing left to do, than to take as much served discounts as possible. Discounts are surrounding you everywhere you go, so you have to choose them wisely. Luckily the also has prepared a Christmas discount offer for all of you, but with one significant difference - the Fleshlight Santa is not a crunchy old man with candy-floss beard. Still not convinced? So take a look at these sexy chicks grabbing all these sex toys. All of these products are available exclusively with the hottest fleshlight discount ever made. Give your cock what it wants this Christmas and make him an excellent Holiday Gift. Fleshlight prepared three fantastic Gift Sets for Christmas. These packs includes very comprehensive and miscellaneous items at various, bur reasonable prices. Every set is about 20% discounted. Each one contains a one kind fleshlight, a sort of lube and something to stimulate your G spot. Here you can familiarize with this fleshlight discount offer:

Fleshlight Discount

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a Christmas Gift that radiates with the X-mass joy. Fleshlight Accessories comes in all shapes, sizes and colors to match your holiday pleasure and your budget. These Fleshlight accessories Christmas packages has a retail value 20% discounted. Act quickly, because the holidays coming very fast, tomorrow it could be too late!


Frost Me. Ready for freezing experience? Defrost your desire with these icy selections of top products from Fleshlight. The clear pleasure of the Ice Fleshlight and the Phallix G Spot Wonder, the sliding sensation of the ID Pleasure lubricant and the playful enjoyment of the Durex freezable lube cubes make this frosty offer special… At these cool prices, you can’t afford to pass this up!


Santa’s Anal Helper Need help? Getting a little behind in your holiday shopping has never been this fun! The soft vibrations of the G-play Medium are perfect for both novice and for lovers of male g-spot pleasure. The Mocha Butt Fleshlight will allow you to explore any of your anal fantasies. With the top rated anal lubricant, Astroglide, as an added bonus, you can’t pass on this fantastic special offer.


Merry XXX-Mas. Have yourself a Merry XXXmas from Fleshlight! The perfect set to spread holiday cheer into your bedroom, if you want to add a little spice to everything nice, then this is the ideal package for you. This top rated Lilo vibrator with a choice of any Fleshlight mocha sleeve you desire guarantees mutual pleasure for years to come. And with the Screaming Ovation kit, you can make sure that you are ready to take your intimate moments fully to the next level.

New discount on Fleshlight Accessories

Posted on October 29, 2008, under Fleshlight Accessories, special offers.

If you want to enlarge your sexual desires, there’s no easier way than to use the latest Fleshlight Accessories discount. Now if you buy any of Fleshlight Accessories item, you’ll get a one free, equal or lesser value. There are a 9 sexual enhancement items that will make happy everyone - as man as woman. You’ll find here almost everything what’s nesessary to make your sexual life better - from Nexus collection, Kama Sutra esentials to Aneros Progasm and other sex stimulants. has got an honor to present you the latest discount related with all of these items. From now all “Clearance Items” products are available in hot special offer - when you order one , you’ll get another, eqal or lesser value, for free. You have to be hurry because this action won’t last for long. With fleshlight products having a richer sex life is easy. All of these gadgets are the highest available quality of design and durability. The Fleshlight brand signature on every item gives you the certainty of the best products. If you are an exciting sex-curious lover who is looking for an amazing experience or maybe you’re trying to find the best way to introduce the Fleshlight to your bedroom partner, I can assure you that you won’t find better toys dedicated to enhance you sexual experiences anywhere else.

Fleshlight Accessories

Fleshlight turbo tube sleeve - Now 20 % discounted!

Posted on October 28, 2008, under Fleshlight Sleeves, special offers.

The death of the turbo tube fleshlight is coming, so get ready for the next discount from You can get this fantastic sleeve over 20% discounted. This is limited time offer so you have to be hurry, the quantity of this discounted Fleshlight masturbation sleeves is restricted. This is the final chance to purchase Turbo Tube Fleshlight sleeve. What is Turbo Tube? It’s a one of the new generation Fleshlight sleeves designed to provide the high level of sensation. Turbo Tube Fleshlight texture was created with both vertical and horizontal ribbons for maximum twisting and thrusting stimulation. This texture will get you a warp speed orgasm. That’s the last chance to experience this revolutionary Fleshlight® texture. Don’t waste your time and order Turbo tube sleeve now, because tomorrow it could be too late. With this one time offer, you’re able to buy Turbo Tube fleshlight sleeve separately in three different colors - Pink, Mocha and Ice (clear). Normally this sleeve was available only in pink color, so don’t waste this offer. From now you can get this sleeve at revolutionary price of $31.95 , that’s 20 % cheaper that any other sleeves. If you’re looking for intensive texture at reasonable price, order it clicking any banner.

Menage a trois - the hottest Fleshlight Girls discount ever!

Posted on October 28, 2008, under Girls, special offers. has prepared a fantastic discount for fleshlight girls products. Menage a trois means threesome in French, so you can invite to bed two of your favorite Fleshlight Girls®. To make it easier, Fleshlight® will give you an exclusive discount. The menage trois is the the most desirable male fantasy in the world and at Fleshlight Girls you can have it any time you want. Just choose any two of your favorite Fleshlight Girls and they can be yours for only $129.99! The menage trois package deal comes with the 2 complete Fleshlight Girls Fleshlights, 2 exclusive signature postcards and two bottles of 2 oz lube. The best threesome fantasy on net! You can choose between eight hottest Fleshlight models, every of Fleshlight Girls products is molded from actual girl’s vagina and contains her exlusive signature on it:

Every single fleshlight Girls product contains the new amazingly realistic Lotus texture, so your threesome sensations will be much closer to the real thing than ever before. Lotus masturbation sleeve is created to give you the most realistic vaginal intercourse pleasure ever designed. This amazing sleeve got a very tight entry that opens for a more comfortable canal inside. Lotus contains a special inverted node and four pleasure chambers, giving you the best sensations and making this sleeve the most realistic texture ever designed.

Coupon Codes for Fleshlight Girls

Posted on October 27, 2008, under Girls, special offers.

If you’re interested in huge discounts on Fleshlight girls products, here you’ll find the most reliable coupon codes. Using these coupon codes you’ll save your money on selected products. As you know Fleshlight Girls gives you the most sensational experience of any other sex toys from Fleshlight family. With custom Fleshlights molded from Girl’s actual pussies, Fleshlight Girls are the combination of visual and sensual fantasy. Whole Fleshlight Girls collection is unmatched. Every product contains the Lotus masturbation sleeve texture. Lotus offers something that no other male sex toy in the world can provide - the 100% real vaginal intercourse sensation, you have to try it. If you want to save some cash on Fleshlight Girl products, you can use our coupon codes. With this coupon codes you’ll get a huge discounts for all fleshlight products. To use this coupon codes all you need to do is to write them in a special box during order.

Here are the best coupon codes I found on internet, of course all of them are free.

15% discount for all fleshlight products including Fleshlight Girls!

With this code you will be able to order every Fleshlight girls sleeve separately for only $59.99 !

Using this coupon you’ll get 20% discount on all Fleshlight girls products!

Rock the Ballot - Vote and grab the Fleshlight discount!

Posted on October 24, 2008, under special offers.


All America is preparing for the ballot. I don’t care, are you going to vote or not in the incoming election, but you have to take the part in the Fleshlight’s Ballot. From now you can put your vote on the fleshlight site and attend to the newest discount action. Fleshlight has prepared something special. They are going to bring to the market the new fleshlight case. You can get an unusual Fleshlight discount, if you cast a vote on one of two available case colors. Every case color symbolizes each political party you stand for. Voting, you can also enlarge election statistic. To complete the ballot you have to leave your valid email address, to confirm the poll.

Fleshlight cheap

After the voting you will be able to get the most spectacular fleshlight discount ever. Specially for all voters, Fleshlight is honored to bring a single STU sleeve for only $34.95, it’s $5 cheaper that any other sleeve available on site. As you know STU sleeve and case were never sold separately - you were forced to buy whole STU fleshlight for $59.95. So if you’re an owner of any case from other fleshlights this discount should be interesting. If you haven’t got any fleshlight case you can also buy a one. The summary price of discounted STU sleeve with separate Fleshlight Case will be cheaper than any standard fleshlight. As you see, this is a quite unusual discount, and it that can never returns. So don’t waste your time and click the banner to put you vote for the next Fleshlight case color Ballot.

It’s always worth to buy Fleshlight with our coupon codes

Posted on September 25, 2008, under Fleshlight Accessories, special offers.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

If you want to buy some fleshlights, sex toys or sex guides with a nice discounts you can use our coupon codes on site. Coupon Codes gives you the best possible stress-free shopping experience, so we’ve created this site that you can easily find the coupon codes for the most popular Fleshlight items. We’ve selected only the best special offers available on To launch any code all you have to do is write them inside a special box during ordering.

First coupon we want to present you, is a 10% discount on all products available on fleshlight site. This code has got about 97% success rate.
Code: DOH!

Here’s the code for any Fleshlight Girls sleeve for only $59.99. It’s 100% sure, don’t be affraid using this one.

With this coupon code you’ll get 10% discount on any complete Ice Fleshlight. This code has got very high success rate.

This coupon code allows you to buy complete Stamina Training Unit with 20% discount. Its success rate is over 75%.

Order Original Pink Lady Fleshlight and get FREE Lube!

Posted on September 25, 2008, under special offers.

Are you new to the Fleshlight products? Have you ever tried any of fleshlights by yourself? No? So, is proud to present you the Original Fleshlight with Pink Lady orifice - the best selling fleshlights of all times… million of users can’t be wrong. There’s no better type of sex toy to start, than an Original Pink Lady Fleshlight. Every Fleshlight Lady Original includes the new Black Fleshlight Case and a Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve with the Original canal without texture. If this is the first time you’ve ever tried a Fleshlight, the Originals are the best to start your fleshlight adventure. The Original Pink Lady is more popular than any other produced insert. When you penetrate this pink lady fleshlight, get ready to take your sexual sensations to new exciting levels. This smooth insert is the most realistic recreation of a young woman’s vagina. Now Original Pink Lady is available with a free tube of 4 oz ID Pleasure….isn’t is fantastic? ID Pleasure is water-based ,clear, odorless lubricant. This lube will add bonus stimulation to your experience. It’s created from the highest quality ingredients and it’s designed specifically to enhance the pleasure of intimacy. ID Glide is silky smooth, ultra long lasting, latex compatible and it’s free with every purchased Original Pink Lady fleshlight. This fleshlight with free 4 oz. lube is available now for only $59.95… that’s fantastic because reg. price of this set is $67.90… you save $7.95!!! All you need to do is click the banner.