Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve - Revolution in Fleshlight Girls

Posted on September 28, 2008, under Girls, News.

Lotus Fleshlight Girls

The time has come. Fleshlight has began his new revolution. From now every time when you want to buy Fleshlight Girls Fleshlight you will get brand new Lotus sleeve, instead of old, the Wonder Wave sleeve. But don’t worry, still you can buy Fleshlight with Wonder Wave sleeve anytime you want, but separately, without fleshlight girls signature. Fleshlight.com presented their brand new sleeve available only with every of 8 custom molded fleshlight available exclusively on official Fleshlight Girls site. Lotus masturbation sleeve texture is very realistic - it’s effect of long experience designing many different textures. This sleeve is available with every Fleshlight Girls products, it offers something that no other male sex toy in the world can give - the real vaginal intercourse sensation.

Fleshlight Girls LOTUS

Lotus masturbation sleeve texture was created by the best designers, using computer aided graphic simulation. Its construction is designed to give you the maximum pleasure. What is lotus like in real? I’m not afraid to use this word - Amazing - I have never had something like that, it’s so realistic. When I put my penis inside I felt a pussy of a 20 y.o. girl. The experiences are incredible, because the lotus has got four special chambers with different diameters designed to provide the most realistic pussy sensation ever created. The lotus begins with a smooth very tight entry that quickly transfers to a slightly more comfortable canal. A thing that gives you these complex sensations is a special inverted node and four pleasure chambers, making this insert very unique in sexual desires. You can buy new Fleshlight sleeve with all 9 exclusive Fleshlight Girls products for only $79.95.Just click the banner on the top of the page. That’s how this new Fleshlight Girls Lotus sleeve looks like:

Lotus masturbation