New Tera Patrick Fleshlight with Twista Sleeve

Posted on November 30, 2008, under Girls, News.

Fleshlight Sex Toy

One of the most sexy pornstars ever born, Tera Patrick with Fleshlight Inc., are honored to present the latest addition to Fleshlight Girls. Tera and Fleshlight inc. - the #1 male sex toys seller in the world has teamed up to create the Tera Patrick Fleshlight. Available with both the Lotus texture and the Twista Fleshlight sleeve, the Tera Patrick Fleshlight is on sale from Monday, December 1st 2008. Till now the name of this latest Fleshlight Girl was kept is secret. Finally Fleshlight Inc. has released the newest product and Tera Patrick Fleshlight became true.

Tera Patrick Fleshlight Twista

Tera Patrick Fleshlight will be available with two textures - the Lotus and the Twista Fleshlight Sleeves. Twista is the newest Fleshlight sleeve - its spiral construction gives the unforgettable pleasure. This unique design provides the enhanced suction effect giving an incredible sexual sensations. The Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve offers something that no other male sex toy in the world can provide - the real vaginal intercourse sensation. Both sleeves are made from special RealFeel material called SuperSkin, which is so realistic that you won’t feel the difference comparing with the real pussy. Every Tera Patrick Fleshlight Package contains a unique Pearlescent Fleshlight Case, available only with Fleshlight Girls products. You’ll also get an autographed postcard featuring Tera Patrick and a free 2 oz bottle of water-based personal lubricant, Gun Oil H2O. Christmas are coming, so remember to make a gift for your cock and order Tera Patrick Fleshlight now.

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