Lotus Fleshlight - review of the best pussy imitation

Posted on October 5, 2008, under Girls.

Lotus is the newest masturbation sleeve released by Fleshlight.com. It’s available only with new Fleshlight Girls products. Constructing the Lotus Fleshlight texture, designer had only one purpose in his mind - to create as realistic feeleings of a real pussy as possible. After many years of experience, Fleshlight has finally created the sensation of a 100% real vaginal intercourse. I didn’t belive it untill my first Lotus Fleshlight package has arrived. Afrer warming and lubing up, I put my cock inside and I was shocked with its similarity to a natural pussy. It begins with smooth ultra tight entry, then gets into a slightly wider, more comfortable tube, exactly like inside woman’s vagina. During the first day of having Lotus Fleshlight I used it 6 times, the pleasure of this sleeve is so amazing. There’s also placed an inverted node which gives more pressing to the complex stimulation. It imitates the subtle sensation of brushing vaginal interior. There are four specially spaced chambers, at the ending of Lotus sleeve, created to stimulate the most sexual part of your soldier with very sexual sensations. If you want to have sex with any fleshlight girl now with the Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve your sex will be as never before. Trust me, nothing else could bring you as realistic pleasure as Lotus! To enter the Fleshlight Girls’ site where you can order lotus fleshlight with every fleshlight girl’s pussy - Click the banner. That’s how this new Fleshlight Girl lotus sleeve looks like:

What is the lotus like? I’m not afraid to use this word - awesome - I never ever had something so realistic on my dick. When I put my penis inside I felt a real pussy of a 20 y.o. girl. The experiences are amazing, because lotus got inside special chambers with different diameters designed to provide the most realistic pussy sensation ever created. You can buy new Fleshlight sleeve with all 8 custom entries for only $79.95, just click the banner on the top of the page. Take a closer look at these 8 available entries, each for single fleshlight girl: